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Help Global Marketers to reach the Open Internet

About Us

Cusper is a MarTech Company that helps global media buyers to maximize their marketing ROI with advanced SaaS based MarTech solution.


The core team of Cusper is formed by a group of continuous entrepreneurs and experts specialized in digital marketing industry, who has invested more than 10 years in digital marketing scope. The core team members are from Oracle, Salesforce, Branch Metrics and Pubnative.


Currently Cusper is serving more than 200 media buyers globally, including Alibaba, Lazada, Xiaomi, Oppo, Tokopedia, etc.


Cusper finishes Series Pre-A Round in 2021, there are 24 team members as of Q1.2022.

About us

Our History


Initial Development Stage
Developed the 1st version of Cusper DSP product, provided services to Cheetah Mobile, Meitu, Xiaomi and other media buying clients.


AdTech & MarTech Integration
Integrated both AdTech products (DSP, SSP and ADX) and MarTech products (DMP and MMP), touched daily active users more than 30 million.


Series Pre-A Round
Cusper acquired FuseClick and finished Series Pre-A Round. Cusper provided advanced MarTech solution to more than 200 clients, including Alibaba, Oppo, Lazada, Xiaomi, etc.

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